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Infatuated With My Mysterious Husband Novel is a Chinese novel that has been translated and popularized by some English Translation apps. This is for more reach and audience.

Without doubt strong characters are pivotal in determining a novel’s enjoyability. Great characters are the skeleton of a book. Therefore Valeria Brown and Mason have been nothing short of excellent in their respective characters.

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Valeria Brown was the only daughter of the Brown family, which was rather rich.
But her bestie Ashley and Ashley’s mom planned to take everything from her.
Also, Mason, who had been dated with Valeria for four years, cheated on her.
Valeria caught Mason making out with Ashley in the car!
But Ashley never felt ashamed, instead, she drugged Valeria and asked a pimp to take her virginity.
A stranger saw through all of this and chased the pimp away. Valeria woke up and found this hot stranger lying next to her.
She was annoyed when Ashley told her that man was the pimp. But actually, this stranger who got rid of the pimp and slept with Valeria was the richest CEO…
Read the full story to find out more.

Infatuated With My Mysterious Husband Chapter 1 – 5

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