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Synopsis Of I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus Novel

“You disgust me, Scarlett. I never thought you’d be this desperate.” In an ice-cold tone, Luca
said while dragging Scarlett by the arm outside the office building of the James and Powel Law
Betrayal at its worst. Luca James used to be her sun, the one who lit up her world with his smile
and the special look he always had for her whenever their eyes met.
‘Was this the same Luca that I love?’ Even she could not recognize him, not with the way he
seemed revolted by her presence.
“Did you really think I would choose you over Courtney? No, not when I now know the kind of
person you truly are,” He hinted.
The words he said pierced through her heart in ways she thought were impossible. ‘What? What
was he saying? And why would he choose her over me? I have known him the longest. I was
there when he needed a shoulder to cry on when he was at his worst!’
“Are – are you really breaking up with me?” She weakly asked before sucking in a deep breath,
holding back the tears that threatened to fall down her cheeks.
“How could you humiliate Courtney? How could you threaten her?” Luca sought. “Whatever
respect I had left for you, you threw it away the moment you humiliated the woman that I love!”
His eyes landed on the diamond ring that gleamed on her finger and he demanded, “Give me
back that ring. You don’t deserve it.”

I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus Chapter 1 – 5

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