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Synopsis Of Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies Novel by Sherri

Everyone knew that Mia White loved Joe Smith without dignity and to marry him, she spared no effort. But Joe was only concerned about his first love and he always looked down on Mia. Finally, after a quarrel, Mia became disheartened and asked for a divorce. However, Joe firmly believed that Mia loved him deeply and she would never leave him; this was just another game she played to make him surrender. Joe was wrong. Mia was determined this time. She sadly left the country and disappeared without a trace. Since then, Joe could never find her again.

Five years later, Mia returned in splendor, causing a sensation. Joe’s eyes turned red as he apologized, “Mia, I was wrong…” But Mia didn’t give a damn this time. This apology was too late. She looked coldly at him and asked, ” Excuse me? Who are you?” People started discussing, “Who is she? How dare she refuse the billionaire?!” Behind Mia, two children who resembled Joe loudly said, “That’s nonsense! Our mommy is the richer billionairess!”

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Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies Chapter 1 – 50

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies Chapter 51 – 100

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies Chapter 101 – 150

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies Chapter 151 – 250

Fled With CEO’s Twin Babies Chapter 251 – 290

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