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Charming Mommy of Adorable Triplets Novel Synopsis

As Maisie gradually regained her consciousness, all she could feel was her splitting
headache and the throbbing pain all through her body, as if she had just been hit by a car.
She furrowed her brows at the unease, but she could not find the strength to shrug it off.

She could barely make out the silhouette of the man in the dark but could smell the unique fragrance of Gucci cologne, lightly wafting through the air.
The man stayed silent the entire time while he pressed his body against her, kissing and nibbling her slender neck…
As dawn crept up, the morning sun shone in.

Maisie suddenly opened her eyes. She was astonished to find herself na*ed in bed with a stranger lying next to her.
He had his back turned against her.

Maisie’s face turned pale as flashbacks of the night before suddenly came back rushing back to her.
It was not a dream after all! How had she ended up here?
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Charming Mommy of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1 – 5

Charming Mommy of Adorable Triplets Chapter 6 – 10

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