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Synopsis Find Me In Your Labyrinth Novel

Estelle Macclain and Jonathan Lamont had been married for three years, yet they had never been seen together, with very few aware of their connection.

By night, Estelle was Jonathan’s wife, lounging in his villa, cuddling his pet dog, reclining on a sofa he had designed and custom-made. But come daylight, she morphed into his private tutor, on his payroll, subject to his whims, his servant. However, while he had the right to give her a hard time, nobody else did. Anyone who insulted her faced his wrath, anyone who hurt her bore the brunt of his brutal punishment. Little by little, everyone began to notice Jonathan’s unusual behavior towards Estelle, it was like the fondness of a senior for a junior, yet something seemed different. He was excessively indulgent with her. Ordinarily, he was not one to be particularly harsh to others, but for her sake, he showed himself to be decisive, ruthless, and pitiless!.

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Find Me In Your Labyrinth Chapter 1 – 10

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