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Catalina’s POV

I wake to my alarm going off. It reads 5 am. I get out of bed and put my work clothes on, I only have two outfits, work and casual.
I head down stairs to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. But first I make myself a cup of coffee and step out on the patio.
It‘s dark and quiet, no one wakes up this early. This is the only peace I have all day, and I cherish it.
After I finish my cup I head inside and start making breakfast for everyone. I live in the Alpha house, only the alpha family lives here. The Alpha‘s my father.
My mother and father live here along with my two older brothers. Even though I‘m family, I am treated like an omega. My’ room‘is a closet.
I cook for everyone, and I clean constantly, and I‘m not allowed out of the house.

I want to finish breakfast before anyone comes down. It‘s the best way to avoid confrontations. I make stacks and stacks of pancakes.
My brothers are 27 and 25. They’re both warriors.
They eat A LOT. I cook sausage and bacon as well, and just to make sure there is enough I also bake some blueberry muffins.
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