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Sweet Beauty Novel is a Chinese novel written by Gu Hengzhi, it was translated and formatted into PDF so that you can easily access. It’s short story of a Zhao Shu.
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Sweet Beauty Novel Synopsis

Liang Zixuan opened her eyes with a splitting headache. She felt as if she had walked through the gates of hell.
Through the open window of the car, the scenery flew past her; the light from the street lamps was like stars, illuminating the lost children on their way home.
Everything was so real and visible that she immediately sat up straight in the passenger seat.
She lowered her head to look at her smooth and fair arms. “I’m still alive?”
Suddenly, a voice was heard beside her, “Z-Zixuan, you… Why did you wake
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Sweet Beauty Chapter 1 – 5

Sweet Beauty Chapter 6 – 10

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Sweet Beauty Chapter 16 – 20

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