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“Have you heard about it? Last night, in this very room, the recently reunited daughter of the Garcia family
was having an orgy with three hooligans!” “Really? That’d be big news if it were true…” A large group of
reporters crowded in front of the presidential suite of Kingsview’s Palais Hotel early in the morning.
Everyone poised their cameras and microphones and waited for the appearance of the main character. In
the suite, Neera Garcia was wrapped in only a bath towel. Her face was pale as she huddled in a corner
listening to the commotion outside. She did not know how things had turned out that way! Last night, she
attended the birthday party of Roxanne Garcia, her stepsister. She remembered drinking a glass of fruit
juice and passing out shortly after. When she woke up, she found herself in this room, covered in bruises of
all sizes. She was sure she did not have any carnal relations with the “three hooligans” like what was said,
but… she was also sure that she had done something unmentionable with one man….

The Enigmatic Return Chapter 1 – 5

The Enigmatic Return Chapter 6 – 10

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