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That morning the classroom was already filled to the brim. Several teachers of
the academy were gathered there for no reason at all. Powerful mages always
had too much free time at their disposal.
Suddenly, a youth walked in. He was handsome and unrestrained, exuding an
aura of confidence that made evident him being a peerless genius. His
presence became more overbearing with every step.
“Dear heavens! Who is that youth of unparalleled manliness?” The female
students were of course top tier beauties, wearing long chi-paos that revealed
ample part of their generous bosom and let them show their long jade like legs
from the side slit.
Soon blood rushed to the face and the most private parts of the young and
pure maidens, making them bloom like red roses.
The handsome youth was of course Lith, our protagonist. His black, silky hair
moved with each stride, his smile was filled with nothing but unrestrained
power. He knew that in that small world he was peerless beyond reason.
Dazzled by his appearance, the professors decided to test his wits, so see if
such overbearing talent really belonged to a true genius.
“What do you think about the Dao of magic, young master?” Said an old man
whose beard almost reached the floor.
“Such an easy question.” Lith’s boundless self-confidence filled the whole
room with admired gasps. He was the kind of man that every woman wanted,
and every man wanted to be…
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Supreme Magus Chapter 1 – 5

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Supreme Magus Chapter 16 – 20

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