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A human being without shelter will never not be a heartwrenching sight because one of the most important needs of a person for survival is to have a roof under his or her head. For someone to live without shelter is a very difficult place to be, let alone that person been pregnant. Having to endure that harsh reality with another living being inside of you makes it the most difficult situation a woman can find herself. In Pregnant And Homeless, a story is told about a pregnant woman striving and surviving amidst her homelessness.
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Pregnant at eighteen, alone and homeless. Jakobia is hopeless. Her ex accused her of cheating and refused to accept his paternity, her mother kicked her out, and she’s been forced to move constantly, in an effort to find a stable place to live.
Fate brings to her face to face with Billionaire Uvaldo Dakoda who wants her to feel nothing but safe and protected from this cruel world. Can she live with a man as sweet as Uvaldo and not fall for him?
How can you live with a man as sweet as Uvaldo and not fall for him?
Will Uvaldo fall for the teen who he rescues from the street or will remain just her saviour?
Read Pregnant and Homeless to find out what happens between them.

Pregnant And Homeless Chapter 1 – 5

Pregnant And Homeless Chapter 6 – 10

Pregnant And Homeless Chapter 11 – 25

Pregnant And Homeless Chapter 26 – 50

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