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My 18-Year Old Wife Novel is a Chinese novel that has been translated and popularized by some English translation apps. Without a doubt, My 18-Year Old Wife Novel is a romantic novel about a young lady’s marriage to a man. So, My 18-Year Old Wife is all about what it is to be 18 and married to a wealthy man.

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Synopsis Of My 18-Year Old Wife Novel

“Mike, get that case of wine over here.”
“Mike, go clean the kitchen. Why are you standing there, you idiot?”
A young man slammed his broom down on Mike and cursed arrogantly.
After Mike was hit with a broom, he was a little angry.
He said, “Aunt asked me to carry the wine over there, so wait me a few
“How dare you talk to me like that? Letting you do something is just like
killing you.” Joe walked up to him and slapped him,
“A stupid live-in son-in-law. You live in my family and spend my family’s
money. Who gives your courage to talk to me like that?” He cursed.
After getting a slap and suffering such an insult, Mike threw away the
case of wine he was holding and rushed towards Joe, grabbing him by
the collar and shouting angrily…

My 18-Year Old Wife Chapter 1 – 230

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