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Her Billionaire Husband novel is a very popular novel who many find captivating. Without doubt it is very enjoyable. Meanwhile it is a Chinese novel that has been translated into English language. Likewise it was popularized by English translation apps for more reach.

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The story began at a hospital. Veronica Murphy, a young lady of slight build, rushed to the
emergency registration counter while carrying a bloodied man on her back with all her
strength. She said hurriedly, “This guy needs emergency treatment! He passed out in a car
accident.” Veronica felt that today was really not her day. She was riding her motorcycle on
her way to deliver takeouts when a Ferrari nearby got knocked off the road by a large truck
running the red light.
The Ferrari was severely wrecked, its windows shattered and its trunk on fire. It might
explode at any minute, and its driver was covered in blood and unconscious in his seat.
Veronica had no idea what gave her the courage at the time. Without a second thought, she
raced to the car and desperately pulled the guy out of it. As soon as she dragged him
several meters away, she heard a loud kaboom!

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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 101 – 150

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 151 – 184


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