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Crystal’s One Night of Love novel is a Billionaire story: Crystal Winters found herself entangled with a handsome stranger in a dim, ambiguous hotel suite after a night of excessive drinking and a one-night stand. Filled with sorrow and anger over her ex-boyfriend, Robert Sloan, announcing his engagement, she sought revenge. If he could dismiss their four-year relationship and cast her aside now that he had climbed the social ladder, why couldn’t she live life on her own terms?

Synopsis Of Crystal’s One Night of Love Novel

Stirring up Trouble With a Big Shot On the night of Robert Sloan’s engagement, Crystal Winters got drunk at a bar. She mistook someone, hugged an incredibly handsome guy in a dark alley, and passionately kissed him. Both of them felt satisfied with the kiss. The handsome guy looked at the woman in his arms and purred in a sensual and husky voice, “Are you serious?”Crystal sobered up a bit and recognized the man in front of her.

Crystal’s One Night of Love Chapter 1 – 50

Crystal’s One Night of Love Chapter 51 – 100

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